VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Now Generally Available in Europe

April 22, 2014
VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Now Generally Available in Europe

Following the launch announcement at VMworld back in October 2013, today we are delighted to announce the general availability of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) in Europe. Delivered from a data centre in Slough, UK, vCHS will give customers a European location that meets UK and EU compliance and data sovereignty demands. It will deliver the efficiencies and agility of a public cloud yet offer full compatibility with their existing data centre, applications, management tools, networking and security.

This launch marks the beginning of a planned rollout of VMware vCHS across key European locations through 2014 and beyond, and follows the launch of vCHS in the US.

Read on to find out the key details of the launch. We’ll be following this up over the coming days with insights from partners, customer and VMware execs to hear what it means to them.

VMware’s Approach to Hybrid Cloud

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, built on VMware vSphere, enables customers to extend the same applications, networking, management, operations and tools across both on-premise and off-premise environments. Customers can manage and automate vCloud Hybrid Service from their vSphere console, vCloud Automation Center, vCloud Application Director and their own tools using the vCloud API.

We’ve designed the solution to serve the growing demand for vCHS. This new UK data centre delivers a high performance software-defined data centre architecture including:

  • Fully-redundant virtual machine (VM) service – Unlike other clouds, VMware provides a service level agreement for VM availability, backed by fully-redundant server infrastructure using VMware vSphere vMotion. This service maximises the performance and uptime of customer applications.
  • Enterprise-class storage – VMware uses flash-accelerated disk storage, 10G networking and congestion control to meet performance demands.
  • Full network virtualization – At no extra cost, VMware customers can deploy a rich set of load balancers, firewalls and VPNs using virtual networks, switches and routers to replicate their physical networking configuration.


Gavin Jackson, VP and General Manager, EMEA Cloud Services summarises the launch:
“VMware vCloud Hybrid Service provides VMware customers with the flexibility to dynamically move workloads into a VMware public cloud as business and market opportunities dictate, whilst ensuring they’re in control of compliance and security within their region”.

Data Sovereignty in the Cloud Era

We recently commissioned some research among 200 VMware enterprise customers in the UK, and this really reinforced the need and appetite for the service. Eighty-six per cent of respondents stressed the importance of being able to store business critical data in UK-based clouds to comply with industry standard data residency regulations, with over half the businesses noting they were legally required to meet this requirement. Twenty per cent of these respondents were unaware of where all of their data, including mission critical data, currently resides.



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