VMware vCloud Air Customer Success Stories

December 10, 2014
VMware vCloud Air Customer Success Stories

It’s nearly a year since we launched VMware vCloud® Air™.  In that time VMware’s hybrid cloud service has been a massive success, as you’ll have seen on the blog. As a sign of this success, we wanted to share with you an interview with vCloud Air customers talking about their reasons for pursuing a hybrid strategy with VMWare, their experience in implementing and running a vCloud Air infrastructure and the operational and cost benefits resulting from it.

Our first video is a testimonial from James Butler, CEO of Cloud Business, who said:

“When we were looking for a cloud provider we needed three things: We needed enterprise class, we needed the data to be hosted in the UK and we needed a predictable pricing model. When you take all those things into consideration and tick all the boxes, the only provider that could deliver was vCloud Air”

Daniel Lewandowski, IT Manager at Carisbrooke Shipping, tells us more about why his business chose vCloud Air, saying: “It completely changed the way we think about our IT infrastructure; it gives us that extra piece of mind.”

And finally, Kevin Turnbull, Head of IT at Bluefin Solutions talks about his experience of running a fully virtualized infrastructure at Bluefin:

“It is a true hybrid model, I can just move my data or my demo systems into the cloud and back in [-house] again.” 

We’d love to hear about your experience with vCloud Air, so let us know on Twitter using #vCloudAir. Find out more about vCloud Air on our website.

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