VMware took the stage at MyBroadband Cloud & Hosting conference

June 10, 2015
VMware took the stage at MyBroadband Cloud & Hosting conference

VMware took centre stage at the recent MyBroadband 2015 Cloud & Hosting Conference, held on the 9th June 2015 at Gallagher Estate in Gauteng.

The event was the first of its kind and is set to be an annual event in the South African calendar, playing host to South Africa’s top cloud and hosting executives and IT professionals. Speaker came from a myriad backgrounds and shared the latest trends in hosting services, data centres, cloud computing, virtualization, hosting infrastructure and connectivity.

Taking the stage from VMware was our own Ian Jansen Van Rensburg, Senior Systems Engineering Manager at VMware Southern Africa, who formed a key part of the hosting and peering panel, which was chaired by Rudolph Muller, Editor at MyBroadband. Others panellists included Michele McCann, Head of Business Development, Interconnection & Peering at NAPAfrica and Dominic White, Chief Technology Officer at SensePost.

A snapshot of the questions posed to Ian included:

  • Virtualization has been on a forefront of cloud and hosting services for years. What are the latest virtualization trends, and what benefits do clients see?
  • What are the latest trends in data centre and cloud management services, and what benefits do they hold for clients?
  • What infrastructure is available to clients in the cloud and hosting market to improve their services and increase efficiencies?
  • Can you give a short overview of software-defined data centres, and what benefits hosts see from this technology?

The event provided an opportunity for Ian to unpack VMware’s NSX and Virtual SAN offerings where particular interest was shown on how VMware is removing the intelligence from the hardware layer and placing it in the software layer (by virtualizing it). Here customers can now better drive automation, policy management as well as application and resource management.

Other key areas that were explored included the software-defined data centre and its role as a stepping stone to the cloud.

MyBroadband is the largest IT website in South Africa with 1 million unique monthly visitors, serving the local market with technology and business tech news and the largest online community in the country.


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