VMware goes back to the future – presenting the VMware Time Machine

April 22, 2014
VMware goes back to the future – presenting the VMware Time Machine

As VMware turns the big 15, we’ve been looking back at how much we’ve changed since we were founded in Palo Alto in 1997, when we started developing one of the most disruptive technologies of our generation. To celebrate this, we’re launching the VMware Time Machine, allowing you to look back over the incredible journey we’ve made, and the profound impact we’ve had on transforming IT as we know it.

Over the past 15 years, our solutions have created a technology foundation that continues to help organisations worldwide achieve massive cost savings, improve agility and deliver business value. This has been down to the innovations we’ve introduced to the industry. Did you know that:

  • We were the first company to boot Windows 95 on a virtual machine
  • The first to virtualize the Intel processor, something previously thought impossible
  • Our  virtualization technology has been named one of the 25 most influential products of the last 25 years
  • vSphere4 generated more than 500,000 customer downloads in the first five months
  • VMware is one of 2013’s 50 Disruptive Companies according to MIT Technology Review’s annual list

The VMware Time Machine lets you rewind the clock and follow an interactive timeline back to where VMware all began. With the Time Machine you can see the developments in our company and technology, and see what we’ve been up to every year since we began. You can even take the Time Machine into the future, and learn more about our goal to continue to reshape IT over the next 15 years. Click on the image below to take a trip back in time…

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