VMware End-user computing strategy: Advancing industry leadership in the mobile cloud era

August 19, 2014
VMware End-user computing strategy: Advancing industry leadership in the mobile cloud era

By Nick Black, Business Manager, End User Computing, Sub Saharan Africa, VMware 

VMware has four key areas of focus to help IT deliver value to the business as the mobile cloud era matures: desktop, mobile, content collaboration and workspace services.

The end user computing landscape is changing rapidly both for IT and the end-users they serve. IT today must seamlessly deliver applications and data to multiple devices per user, while ensuring security and compliance across both public and private cloud environments. These are big challenges so I would like to outline where VMware is headed in terms of its investments and areas of focus in end-user computing.

VMware’s vision for end-user computing is simple. A secure virtual workspace that enables people to work at the speed of life. Our roadmap is propelled by a vision that our users should have one place to access all the applications, data and services they need on any device they choose, anywhere in the world. And that IT should be able to consistently manage all these devices, irrespective of whether they are desktops, tablets, phones, or whatever’s next like smart watches or glasses. To deliver on that we’ll be adding functionality that helps both IT admins and end-users to get their work done more efficiently.

Our business is organised around four key priorities. Desktop, mobile, content collaboration and workspace services. In the desktop space we are driving towards a unified management platform to simplify IT’s job managing the desktop application life-cycle. We’ll be adding desktop and application remoting on Microsoft RDS, continuing to improve HTML-based application access and expanding Unity Touch to make Windows applications more mobile friendly. We will accelerate the build-out of our Desktop as a Service offerings, leveraging the hybrid cloud for cost effective and highly agile delivery of the virtual workspace.

We will also continue to take advantage of VMware’s software-defined data centre, bringing new benefits to the virtual desktop through virtualised networking and software-defined storage. And innovative management through vCentre Operations Manager and vCloud Automation Centre. Enabling end-user self-service provisioning is absolutely critical, such as the ability to auto-restore virtual or physical desktops.

In the mobile space the addition of Airwatch to the VMware family allows us to provide a unified solution across mobile and desktop and improves our ability to streamline the end-user experience by helping IT manage the plethora of new devices and application types. Priorities for Airwatch include enhanced zero-day support for end-user mobility policies on the latest provisions of the IOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Support for full mobile application life cycle management and tools for telecommunications expense management.

In the area of content collaboration, Airwatch’s secure content locker has focused on adding external collaboration tool integrations, optimising synchronisation, offering new simplified end-user content sharing capabilities and of course social integration.

In workspace services we’ll continue to simplify the end-user experience through features like common cloud identity and single sign on across all apps and services including seamless integration of Office365 and other SaaS and Windows apps. Another priority is social, we see social changing from a place where you go to an embedded property of an end-user’s workspace. Across all this we are relentlessly focusing on integration which will drive new levels of consistency and continuity for end-users and IT across device types, be it mobile, tablet or desktop.

Because in the future the distinction between desktop and mobile will gradually disappear and a device will just be a device, so we need a unified way to manage and use those devices. To sum up, it is an exciting time in end-user computing and we can’t wait to bring you all these new innovations.

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