vForum 2014 – In your words

June 24, 2014
vForum 2014 – In your words

The 2014 vForum in South Africa was a huge success attracting well over 1000 customers and partners to the event. But what did our customers have to say about the event and what was the feedback they provided? In this blog we take a snapshot and look at what “in your words” customers and partners had to say.

richard 2Trend Micro’s Richard Salt on his experience of vForum on the day: “It’s (has) been very busy, we’ve had a lot of people coming through here. There is an interest in our products especially from a Deep Discovery and Deep Security perspective as they compliment the virtual and cloud environments of VMware.”


simpivitySimplivity’s Tobias Frei, solution architect for the EMEA business and all the way from Germany said: “Awesome, we are very impressed with all the customers and partners who are joining our groups and I think we have very cool technology which will change the way IT works in the future. We have received excellent feedback from the customers so far.”


vmugThe local VMUG Joburg chair and virtualization expert at Discovery Health, on encouraging attendees to join the VMUG said: “There is nothing like this in South Africa (VMUG), it’s a big community and we have over 88 000 people involved worldwide, so the benefits are immense because it’s a community of geeks who want to know what you want to know, and they want to do what you (as their peers) want to do.

“So essentially we offer all VMware users access to an infinite number of people you can contact for support, different ideas, different strategies and also just networking. The community in South Africa helps you engage on a different level, and also gives you opportunities within your career. Maybe you’re looking at moving, maybe you are looking for people. It’s a place to meet people that are likeminded for business and personal reasons.”

IMG_1842Ben McDonald, marketing manager at Dell said: “It’s been a great experience, the Dell team has been really, really busy. There has been lots of interest in what we have had on show today and I think a lot of us will have sore throats afterwards. So it’s been very rewarding for us and VMware is a big partner of Dell’s. So it’s been really successful for us. Now it’s time for us to take all that interest and take the conversations further and see what happens from there.

Want to get a full review of what happened at VMware? Visit our roundup page here: http://bit.ly/1nAKEL6

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