The Four Golden Rules of Hybrid Cloud

March 23, 2015
The Four Golden Rules of Hybrid Cloud

Richard Munro, Chief Technologist vCloud Air, VMware

What makes a true hybrid cloud? Following on from my previous post on delivering on the true promise of hybrid, this post examines the four golden rules businesses looking to explore hybrid cloud in 2015 need to consider:

1. Business Agility – Business can no longer wait for IT to catch up. Newer, more agile competition is eating the lunches of larger enterprises if they cannot react to market changes or new opportunities quickly enough. This means IT has to be able to set up and take down, test and deploy applications without building any new infrastructure.

2. Compatibility – A growing business may need support for thousands of applications and operating systems, so it’s vital to have a solution in place that is compatible with your on-premises data center, including infrastructure and disaster recovery functionality.

3. Ease of Use – Extending into the cloud shouldn’t be a one-way street into unfamiliar territory. You can easily position workloads on either the public or private cloud, and leverage existing IT policies, relying on the same source of support as your onsite data center. Look for transparency around planning and budgeting as well, paying a set rate based on capacity and only paying for what you use.

4. Compliance – Issues around compliance are increasingly impacting organisations, so it’s imperative businesses can ensure their data resides in a location of their choosing, fully compliant with local sovereignty laws. By knowing where their data is at all times, IT can spend more time working on helping the business; offering a scalable and flexible infrastructure that can fulfil the demands business leaders place upon it.

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