The Biggest Technology Trends in 2015

January 5, 2015
The Biggest Technology Trends in 2015

The year is coming to an end so we have had a look at what 2015 will bring in terms of cloud and mobility. While the use of digital data is certainly going to be a vital part in driving organisations’ strategy, we’ll discuss the key trends technology businesses will be focusing on beyond Big Data including BYOD, security and hybrid cloud.

Year of the mobile cloud

We’re still seeing a rise in mobile working and BYOD. While in the past year concerns over trust, ownership and delivery capability have held some businesses back from taking advantage of the mobile cloud era, they must now get faster at equipping new employees with the right mobile tools.

End-user and data centre security

With BYOD, security of end-user devices is becoming more important. Deploying mobile cloud architecture will allow users to access their data across different devices, with access controlled through a central location.

Data centre security will also be top of the agenda in 2015. High profile security breaches during the past year highlight the importance of putting in place new levels of security for both data and brand reputation.

Network virtualization taking off

With a growing understanding around the benefits of NSX – and an increasing focus on data centre security – we are seeing its deployment expanding rapidly in 2015. Micro segmentation will be massively appealing, allowing managers to put a firewall per machine in the virtual data centre and easily manage policies around traffic flows of every single user.

Hybrid cloud deployment

With more smaller, agile companies competing in the market, there’s a growing need for organisations to respond more quickly to remain competitive. 2015 will see more businesses deploying hybrid cloud to be able to switch between public and private swiftly and cost effectively and increase the speed – whilst reducing the cost – of developing new products and services.


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