Q&A with Nick Black on why attending VMware vForum Johannesburg?

May 29, 2014
Q&A with Nick Black on why attending VMware vForum Johannesburg?

If you have scheduled to go to the VMware vForum in Johannesburg you are part of a group of professionals who understand that the way in which we do business is changing. However if you are still undecided or haven’t registered as yet – there is still a small window of opportunity for you to do so! We chated to the EUC Business Manager, South Africa and WECA, Nick Black and asked him why he thinks you should attend vForum and what he believes will be some of the key take aways from the event.

Q: In a nutshell why should anyone attend vForum 2014? 

A: With these exciting times at VMware, the new product launches and acquisitions we have made and have brought to market, vForum is the perfect opportunity to learn how all of these elements are coming together in order to drive value into customer organisations and empower business as well as technology partners.

Q: What are you personally looking forward to as a highlight of this year’s event?

A: We have some awesome speakers lined up – from our keynote with Matt Piercy to our customer panel, right through to the specialist technology sessions. There really is something for everyone – depending on what you want to take away from the event.

Q: Name one session you think a customer absolutely cannot afford to miss?

A: I would suggest the End User Computing focused sessions, as they will all be highly relevant to customers, especially the “Building a Plan for EUC Transformation”. The content of this particular session will be very poignant at this time of the customers’ journey to the Mobile Cloud Era.

Q: What are you hoping to take away from the event personally?

A: I cant wait to see the excitement amongst attendees and customers when that “Light Bulb” moment happens – this is when the audience realises the full impact of what VMware can deliver in terms of business value across their whole business.

Q: Looking ahead – how do you think VMware’s new vision will help shape the future of IT?

A: VMware has always been disruptive in its approach and challenged the status quo (positively) through innovative and industry changing technologies. VMware’s latest vision continues this trend with the added breadth of SDDC, Cloud and EUC.

So if you are still looking at the last mile of virtualization in your business, are already navigating a hybrid cloud or want to take advantage of this mobile cloud era we have a whole host of reasons why you should be at vForum this year. Don’t forget attendance is free, and you can register at https://bitly.com/1k3kjUa. If you want more information about the event, please click here http://bit.ly/Rkv7WQ


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