Pricey investment into virtualised applications? Oh please…

October 21, 2014
Pricey investment into virtualised applications? Oh please…

By Nick Black EUC Business Manger, VMware South Africa and WECA

Your enterprise has to become agile and scalable enough to cope with the digital market. Employees are mobile, a multitude of devices are in every crevice and business has gone international. It is vital that you can access anything, from anywhere and on any device in order to stay competitive and current.

Recently VMware acquired CloudVolumes to complement our ThinApp offering and it fits in perfectly, delivering ease of management, speed of deployment, responsive applications and all on top of your existing storage infrastructure – all features you need for your business.

So why would you pay a fortune for an expensive pile of software or server licenses, or for the Terminal Services Client Access Licenses (TSCals) when you can just add on CloudServer ThinApp Edition and dump cost, stress and issues around application integration? You could even be home in time for a cold beer…

CloudServer will deliver potentially 100s of apps in an app stack in seconds to a native client operating system environment, on demand. It has such broad abilities that it can be adapted to fit within any existing infrastructure and deliver a seamless solution without the hassle. It can allow for desktop applications, server applications, and for files and data to be shared across multiple virtual machines and placed onto virtual volumes, making these dynamically attachable to all virtual machines.

One solution – all devices. Once these contents have been attached, these volumes appear and function as if they have been natively installed. And they can be put onto any class of storage that’s supported by vSphere, such as SAN via Fibre Channel or iSCSI et al.

Not only is it substantially more cost effective than a good 80% of many other solutions, it has an impressive truck-load of features and capabilities that can be used to drive the potential of existing architecture. When attached to ThinApp, it lets you place your ThinApp packages into a read-only, shared virtual disk that can be found on any vSphere datastore. Then you can dynamically attach that to any virtual desktop, or a multitude of virtual desktops. Hand it to everyone, just a few people, or only one lone soul worthy of such technological mastery – the choice is yours.

The fact that you have so much choice is what makes it such a tasty solution.  You can use the storage you already have to leverage the efficiency of ThinApp application virtualisation. You can also use it along with existing ThinApp packages to remove I/O traffic from the network and improve application launch times and still maintain isolation between the applications and the operating system.

The entire solution delivers unto your business the tools by which it can ensure improved application management while taking that whole idea that the network could limit performance and basically putting it where it belongs – in the past (and the bin).

Hello, there high-speed, enterprise-class storage, where have you been all my life?

If you want to read more about how CloudVolumes will change your life download the PDF: Enhanced Management and Performance of VMware® ThinApp® Virtual Applications with CloudVolumes Shared VMDKs

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