Five imperatives for digital business from VMware’s CEO

September 4, 2015
Five imperatives for digital business from VMware’s CEO

In his keynote at VMworld 2015, CEO Pat Gelsinger shared a VMware perspective on five imperatives for digital business. He framed these imperatives as strategic “must-do’s” for businesses and IT leaders looking to stay ahead in a time of unpredictable and relentless change.

Innovate like a startup, deliver like an enterprise

Gelsinger explained that in today’s asymmetrical business world, start-ups have nothing to lose as they aggressively embrace new business models that change the rules of the game. Large, established businesses must recognise that the benefits of incumbency are declining. The pressure is on to innovate like a start-up and deliver like an enterprise.

Unified hybrid cloud is the future

Gelsinger believes we must now move to a more connected and compatible “Professional Era of Cloud”, in which businesses launch applications to the “span” instead of a silo. This unified hybrid cloud represents the future of IT, providing the foundation for years to come.

A renaissance in security has begun. Carpe Diem

There’s an amazing array of security innovation happening today, yet breaches continue to occur at an alarming rate. So what’s missing, Gelsinger asked? In short, what’s been lacking is security that is truly “architected in”. Leveraging virtualisation as a foundational architecture, Gelsinger proclaimed that a renaissance in security has begun, and he urged IT leaders to seize the moment.

Automate everything. Predict (almost) everything

Despite all the amazing innovations at our fingertips today, the fact is that all of our current technology is fundamentally “reactive”, meaning it’s waiting for us to tell it what to do. Gelsinger explained that we are on the cusp of a new “proactive” model of technology, where software is smart enough to act on our behalf. Gelsinger observed that this proactive future will be built on intelligent automation, giving us the ability to predict (almost) anything.

Break out in order to stay relevant

Gelsinger’s final imperative focused on the need for businesses large and small is to break out in order to stay relevant. He declared that inaction is the greatest risk today. He then issued a call to action for the 23,000 people in the audience at VMworld, describing them as the smartest tech people in their respective companies. As IT drives transformation, he said, they have an opportunity to be the entrepreneurs and innovators at the forefront of change. VMware’s commitment, he said, is to be their best partner for navigating this future.

For more information read the original post here or listen to Pat Gelsinger’s speech during VMworld US here.

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