ESG report commends VMware’s virtualisation solution

May 9, 2014
ESG report commends VMware’s virtualisation solution

After reading the Enterprise Strategy Group’s (ESG) Lab Validation Report about VMware Horizon View with Tintri there will be no doubt in customers’ minds as to which virtualization tool to use. The report documents the results of ESG Lab’s hands-on testing of VMware Horizon View 5.1 with the Tintri VMstore platform.

Testing focused on performance in the context of the end-user experience in a 1000-seat virtual desktop environment. In addition to this the ease of deployment, manageability and cost-effectiveness of the Tintri solution in VMware environments was also examined. The report also shows that increased use of server virtualization and desktop virtualization will be among the top priorities for businesses in the next 12 months.

According to the report an increase in the variety and numbers of client device types, “always on” expectations for IT services, workforce mobilisation, increasing regulatory compliance mandates and many other factors mean that desktop management is becoming a daunting task for even the most skilled IT organisations.

In short what does this tell us? To summarise many organisations are turning to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology to reduce the cost, complexity and risk associated with desktop management. The challenge is to provide a high-quality, predictable and productive computing environment for virtual desktop users.

VMware Horizon View with Tintri VMstore provides an innovative virtualisation solution for organisations. ESG Lab performed hands-on validation and testing of the product to demonstrate the scalability, ease of use and cost efficiency of this solutions for VDI environments.

To read more about the results and how VMware Horizon View 5.1 with Tintri VMstore download the full report HERE.

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