Eight common pitfalls of VDI and how to avoid them

January 28, 2015
Eight common pitfalls of VDI and how to avoid them

By Nick Black, EUC business manager, South Africa and WECA at VMware

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) has slowly made its way to the top of the priority lists for many IT shops. But why? A recent IDC report stated that VDI can offer your business a median ROI of over 300%. Though this fact as well as enhanced data protection, improvements in IT efficiency and the reduction of required administrative and management tasks make VDI a wise financial and technological choice for business it has its pitfalls.

The implementation of VDI requires change, something that can and will open up room for error, which means you must thoroughly plan your approach before leaping into its deployment. It is against this backdrop that VMware has, based on experience with working through its deployment with customers, developed a guideline of eight pitfalls to avoid when deploying VDI in your business:

Pitfall 1: Not Involving Users

Even the most technically well-executed VDI project can fail if enough users have the perception that it does not meet their needs or expectations.

Pitfall 2: Putting Together the Wrong Team

You need to build a dynamic and varied environment, choosing the wrong people for the job is ruinous.

Pitfall 3: Defining VDI Use Cases Improperly

Don’t just approach this as a technology project and avoid “lumping” people into large generic categories that may not touch directly on what they do.

Pitfall 4: Not Conducting a Pre-assessment

Without this you are shooting in the dark and may fall short when defining or scoping hardware requirements.

Pitfall 5: Not Properly Optimising the Desktop Image

Virtual desktops are quite different from physical desktops, in part because they live in a world of shared resources, and they should be optimised accordingly.

Pitfall 6: Not Understanding Impacts to the Performance of Other Systems

Network bandwidth is an especially important consideration on wide area network (WAN) links.

Pitfall 7: Not Developing an Application Deployment Strategy

Remember there are every day applications and then there are specialist applications in your business and each one needs its own deployment strategy.

Pitfall 8: Skipping or Mismanaging the Pilot Project

Without a pilot phase there will be no clear view of risks or desired outcomes or objectives to be completed in a specific timeframe.

Now you know the pitfalls, find the solutions HERE. If you can avoid these common mistakes you can also make the process itself an easier transition.




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