Between the hype and the promise of the cloud, lies the VMware hybrid

March 3, 2015
Between the hype and the promise of the cloud, lies the VMware hybrid

By Mark Reynolds, general business and partner lead at VMware Southern Africa

The growth of cloud and all of its solutions is growing at the rate of any cliché you’d care to insert here.  Gartner has found that 55% of CIOs surveyed by the research organisation would place more than half of their applications as Software as a Service (Saas) or in public cloud infrastructure by 2020. A survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit [] found the C-suite turning to the hybrid cloud as an area of corporate focus for 2015 and beyond. Of course, no trend watch would be complete without Forrester’s analysis which found that the issues around hybrid cloud adoption sat firmly in the camps of cost, legacy systems, information and data shifting/storage and workload management.

The VMware solution offers a rich blend of cloud and building-based operations that provide the organisation with greater flexibility in adapting existing systems and expanding into new areas and solutions.  The VMware stable can be structured to capably address the issues commonly associated with a hybrid installation and is most definitely an industry first.

Imagine a unified platform for the hybrid cloud using VMware NSX and VMware vCloud Air that bridges both the public and private clouds with a single network.  This virtualised computer networking and storage solution is designed specifically for the hybrid cloud and will allow customers to create one consistent environment across the private and public cloud.  The business can now run, protect and manage any cloud-native or traditional application.

This is a remarkably open platform, so customers can choose how to build and manage their applications and cloud environments based on their specific needs. This allows IT to boot the mud sticking to the systems and limiting capability and agility, and ensure that compliance and security remain top of mind. Our new solution puts the software and the data at the centre of the business, enables a new model for IT and gives the business tools to establish robust hybrid architecture.

The latest VMware offerings, solutions and services for the hybrid cloud include: VMware vSphere 6, VMware Integrated OpenStack, VMware Virtual SAN 6 and vSphere Virtual Volumes and VMware vCloud Air Hybrid Networking Services powered by VMware NSX.

The VMware NSX powered vCloud Air Hybrid Networking Services will bridge the vCloud Air public cloud and the vSphere-based private clouds to create a single, secure network domain through a gateway appliance.  Customers can now maintain hundreds of virtual networks that span the private cloud and vCloud Air over a single WAN connection along with the exact same security policies and network isolation for applications. These blended solutions are swift, cost-effective and adaptable – and yes, while it’s true that these words are bandied about everywhere and by everyone, it’s a good feeling to know that this solution really does check those boxes.

Recently Matthew Eastwood, Group Vice President and General Manager of IDCs Enterprise Platform Group said: “According to IDC research, more than 65% of IT organisations will commit to hybrid architectures that encompass multiple public cloud services, as well as private cloud and/or non-cloud infrastructure resources by the end of 2015. VMware is positioning itself to help the business through this transformative period.”

And it’s a good position to be in – VMware has reliable networking, compute and storage innovations that can be integrated with the OpenStack framework and customers can use it to achieve fast, flexible and reliable deployment and consumption of business critical and cloud native apps across the hybrid cloud.


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