Achieving the ultimate mobile workforce

August 22, 2014
Achieving the ultimate mobile workforce

By Nick Black, Business Manager, End User Computing, Sub Saharan Africa, VMware 

Word of our acquisition of AirWatch initiallly spread like wildfire. Some were thrilled, some critical, but what does this acquisition actually mean for VMware users?

Lets look at what you get when you combine a robust provider of enterprise mobile management and security solutions with an innovative provider of virtualisation and cloud computing software? Pure magic. The acquisition has expanded the VMware end-user computing (EUC) solution stack because Airwatch’s offerings forms an excellent backbone for mobile computing solutions, something currently being sought after by our customers.

It has become crystal clear in recent months that an enterprise mobility strategy must allow employees to access content as well as share and edit that content from anywhere and on any device. The global inclination towards mobile means that everyone’s lives, from top floor to shop floor are being transformed by mobile computing.

New mobile operating systems come to market every few weeks and BYOD programs are doubling or even tripling the size of the mobile workforce. This puts mammoth pressure on CIOs and IT teams, as they struggle to manage the complexity and the cost of securing this vast array of mobile devices. Added to this is the need to integrate Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Content Management (MCM).

So with the addition of the Airwatch portfolio we are now able to provide end-users a secure virtual workspace that allows them to work at the speed of life, so that as they move from device to device, their apps, their content and their devices come to life, anywhere and at any time.

So to answer the first question: What does it all mean? The addition of the two technology stacks will give customers enterprise-grade solutions, robust mobile security management and rapid access to mobile apps and data. Airwatch’s customer base, over 10 000 of them, provides enterprise and mid-size organisations with a strong presence in all vertical industries, including healthcare, financial and retail.

In short the acquisition of Airwatch has extended the VMware EUC proposition all the way from data centre to device and providing a robust enterprise mobility platform for the post-PC world of heterogenous devices, be it iOS, Android or Windows.

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