A global cloud network, powered by VMware

November 30, 2015
A global cloud network, powered by VMware

By Ian Jansen Van Rensburg, Senior Systems Engineering Manager at VMware

The cloud is coming into its own, as witnessed by the number of rapidly evolving and maturing cloud services and the manner in which organisations are now pursuing strategies to use the cloud to its maximum potential. These visionaries are recognising that ‘hybrid cloud’ is the future, and are aggressively pursuing this option to seamlessly extend their own on-premises data centres to leverage a truly compatible, secure and scalable public cloud.

VMware has been hard at work doing the foundational work necessary to make hybrid IT a reality. The company has been building the core virtualised infrastructure, advanced network services, common management and a global network of service providers. The goal is to make it possible for critical workloads to move from on-premises to the cloud, and between clouds. Yet, as revolutionary as this vision may be, VMware believes that it is not the technology that is remarkable, but the fact that customers can now choose the deployment that best suits their needs, while retaining the flexibility to change their minds without being locked-in.

Virtustream, VMware’s planned new business with EMC, has its sights set on accelerating customers’ success with the hybrid cloud to deliver significant business value. By aligning key people and technologies from VMware vCloud Air and EMC within Virtustream, EMC and VMware are establishing the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise hybrid cloud portfolio of advisory, infrastructure, application and managed services that will enable customers to move all applications to hybrid cloud-based environments.

In the new Virtustream organisation, employees from VMware’s vCloud Air Infrastructure-as-a-Service business, EMC’s Cloud Managed Services and Storage Managed Services and Virtustream’s Infrastructure-as-a-Service business will come together to create, shape and define new enterprise-centric cloud services.

To facilitate the broader hybrid cloud vision, VMware has moreover established a new Cloud Provider Software Business Unit. This unit will deliver cloud-enabling software and solutions specifically to cloud providers to enable them to rapidly harness the opportunities presented by the unified hybrid cloud and dramatically accelerate their businesses. To achieve this goal, employees from VMware’s Application-as-a-Service business, vCloud Director, vCloud Air Network will come together with Virtustream’s Software Business (xStream Software: Advisor, xStream, Viewtrust) and collaborate within this new business unit. This move dovetails nicely with VMware’s stated goal to be the key ingredient powering the global network of its cloud provider partners. With VMware technology as the cornerstone, cloud providers can build their businesses, and enable their customers to unlock the workloads and seamlessly exploit the benefits of the hybrid cloud.

It’s clear that the hybrid cloud is the way of the future and that Virtustream will have a significant role to play in its success. VMWare already has a vast network of service providers – the VMware vCloud Air Network, with more than 4,200 service providers in 105 countries. This large technology ecosystem, offers unprecedented choice and flexibility for customers that require cloud services, and Virtustream will be one of these cloud providers with whom VMware will work.

Enterprise IT has a near-impossible strategic task: It must ensure that the company has the tools and capabilities it needs to adapt and change to ever-changing business requirements. VMware’s job is to help its partners and customers address the unexpected. It is those types of challenges that drive the new Virtustream and VMware’s new Cloud Provider Business Unit.

Read more about the Virtustream announcement HERE.

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