The Security Compromise?

August 1, 2016

Why data doesn’t need to be at risk for business mobility

Security Compromise Infographic – FINAL

Businesses worldwide are trying to digitally transform in order to stay ahead of the competition, but that means becoming more mobile – after all, there can be no digital transformation without mobility. And yet, true mobility comes with data access being taken outside of the organisation from different devices and locations, increasing the point of entries of attack, and therefore, risk of a breach. So will there always need to be a compromise?
Our new research actually shows 47% of EMEA IT decision makers (ITDMs) are under so much pressure to deliver on business mobility, they are willing to take risks on the security of their organisation’s data – over half of ITDMs actually said the benefits of a mobile business outweigh potential security issues (55%).
According to IT leaders, this pressure is coming from their employees pushing for more mobility (66%), with almost a third (29%) saying that a lack of mobile working is limiting their productivity. But, at the same time, the pressure is being piled on from the top – 35% of IT leaders said C-Level executives are putting on the pressure to use mobile devices, even when it’s against corporate policies.
And employees admit that, when they do have devices that allow them to access company data on the go, they aren’t as stringent at protecting organisational data on their corporate devices as they are securing the data on their personal ones (33%). With only 44% aware of their organisation’s mobile policies, it’s no wonder IT leaders are feeling between a rock and a hard place when it comes to allowing mobility while worrying about security.
So what can they do to digitally transform and achieve mobility without compromising on security?
We believe it’s all about the power of ‘and’. That means finding solutions like VMware Horizon that enable the IT team to offer mobility whilst safe in the knowledge that all organisational data is fully secure – stopping them from finding a compromise or worrying about the fine line they’re walking. With Horizon, organisations can build security-defined architecture into the application with restricted access put on each one individually to give IT teams full oversight and control. Organisations of today need to be able to create a secure digital workspace that lets users access the data they need, according to their role, and on any device, so that businesses can be as mobile and agile as they like – without compromising on security.

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