Q&A with VMware’s Boaz Chalamish – Exploring the challenges of End User Computing

May 4, 2014
Q&A with VMware’s Boaz Chalamish – Exploring the challenges of End User Computing

If you’ve been reading our blog over the last couple of days, you’ll have seen that we’ve recently launched a range of new solutions designed to combat modern End User Computing (EUC) challenges in the workplace. We wanted to give you more detail on the background of the suite, and how businesses can help take advantage of the benefits of EUC. To do that, we caught up with Boaz Chalamish, Senior Vice President and General Manager for End User Computing at VMware.

What are the current problems with post-PC computing in the workplace?

At the moment, the average person is spoilt for choice in the consumer cloud. They have a multitude of options available to them for any activity they want to carry out.

Equally, they are free to use these applications on any number of platforms and devices. However, when it comes to the enterprise environment, these same users are often left feeling frustrated. There are many things they want to do, from using their own device to accessing the company VPN or using a third party application, that they are prevented from doing by the workplace IT environment. For a variety of reasons, it can be difficult for organisations to grant the necessary freedom to allow EUC to be used to its full effect in the workplace.

What are the challenges to bringing EUC into the workplace?
There are many modern IT EUC challenges that organisations face, most of which need to be addressed together before EUC can truly be adopted within the business. Many IT departments have been managing Windows-based environments for the past twenty years, and are unsure how to embrace the new platforms necessary for EUC. On top of this, security and compliance are major issues for the IT department, and they need to know that these can be addressed fully if EUC is to take more of a hold in the workplace. An additional challenge is combining SaaS and web apps into the existing IT infrastructure in a way that doesn’t inhibit productivity or efficiency.

How is VMware helping to advance EUC in the workplace?
We’ve recognised that we’re in the post-PC era, where the corporate IT infrastructure isn’t limited to desktop PCs and laptops, where almost any internet enabled device has the capacity to be used by an employee for work-related purposes. With this in mind, we’ve launched VMware Horizon, to allow the IT department to easily manage the plethora of devices and applications that employees in the post-PC era want to use in the workplace.

VMware Horizon Application Manager provides users with access to Windows applications, enterprise Web applications and SaaS applications through a single application catalogue, making it a simple process for the IT department to securely deliver these applications to users on the device of their choice. This then allows IT teams to manage security and compliance across any application being accessed through Horizon.

Horizon Application Manager is being supported by the latest version of VMware’s virtual desktop solution, VMware View 5.1. It allows IT teams to streamline important processes, such as provisioning and configuration management, as well as increase security and compliance. VMware View 5.1 also allows users to access their virtualised desktops from multiple platforms and devices, including thin and zero clients, iPads, iPhones, Android devices and Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet.

In addition, we’ve launched a beta version of VMware’s Project Octopus, which will allow organisations to provide its employees with their own personal data cloud. This solution will give employees the capability to share data and work with anyone, no matter what device they are using.

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