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June 19, 2017

Roland König, Managing Director and Head of Virtualization at Bechtle AG, VMware’s largest German partner, delves deeper into digital transformations – and the best ways to take organisations through them 

In my last guest blog for VMware, I looked at the changing IT landscape and how it’s led to Bechtle’s business model changing considerably. I touched on the strategy we’ve taken to help organisations transform digitally, but wanted to take the time to go into more detail on our best practice for rolling out these projects – summarised in a couple of steps.

Getting to know your customer

I previously mentioned we have a consulting team that directly has conversations with the different business units before we scope out any solution. That’s an imperative. But we also like to invest the time to go in to a meeting with the customer where they are talking about their business, just as a fly on the wall. It might be some partners discussing plans for the next month – or it could be a senior management team update. We find this a great help in unearthing the organisation’s real strategy, challenges and plans, without it necessarily leaning towards IT. It’s the best way to truly unearth the company’s real business needs.

Keep them updated

The key is in the title – a digital transformation often means a big change. And it can be fairly daunting. You might be used to rolling out these projects all the time, but it’s a big deal for the customer. That means keeping in close contact with all key business stakeholders and outlining exactly what’s going to happen and when. Make sure everyone the digital transformation affects knows exactly what you plan to achieve from each stage. Fix a project point, set rules for sign offs, work in a process-based way. You need to make sure your customers know when each change is coming so they can prepare for any disruption.

Scanning for success

Our work with is a great example of these methods in action. They’re a scanning company with the technology to bring construction designs to life in 3D. When they came to us, we carried out the above steps – getting to know the real business strategy and seeing where the company and its leaders wanted to be in the next five years. After getting to know their business, we knew their transformation would revolve around customer satisfaction through improved time to market.

That meant staff being able to directly build their own infrastructures so they could process scans directly in a secure environment or ‘room’ online. For the IT team, that involved working with us to take a Cross-Cloud approach based on vCloud Suite, so it could benefit from orchestration and automation, keeping all stakeholders updated on the changes throughout. But, for the business, it wasn’t really about IT. Staff now know they can build their own clouds to create usable pictures for their customers themselves, reducing the turnaround times – and helping them provide a better client experience.

We’re working with a number of companies to help them digitally transform through VMware’s Cross-Cloud offer. is just one example, but what we’re finding time and time again is that IT goes way beyond the IT team. It’s no longer a technical conversation, but is something that can really inflect business change – if you’re getting under the skin of the organisation and keeping key stakeholders updated right from the outset.

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