Being the Silver Lining in a Multi Cloud world

July 11, 2017

As part of our vCAN partner guest blog series, John Coulston, Rackspace Alliances Director in EMEA, talks about being part of our VMware cloud provider network and the future opportunity of the cloud for Rackspace customers

No longer are enterprise organisations asking whether they need cloud technology, that’s now an accepted IT delivery methodology for most CIOs and CTOs. In a multi-cloud world, the question is how to choose the right combination of clouds to meets the needs of customers and employees, to help keep the IT function at the forefront of innovation and responsive to competition.

The technical challenge a business faces to integrate their on-premise architecture with their multiple cloud deployments, whilst at the same time align their commercial growth plans, simplify operations and achieve cost savings. It can perhaps be overwhelming for some companies:

  • Which applications and workloads should be moved into the cloud?
  • In which sequence should these be migrated?
  • How can this be achieved without causing the business disruption or downtime?

These are all questions businesses want answered, but to get it right the first time they need specialists on hand to ensure the answer is specifically tailored to their organization. After all, no business is the same – and no single approach can be used by every company.

Move with the Times

We’re fully aligned with VMware’s Cross-Cloud vision because we feel the ultimate cloud experience should be fast, simple and integrated.  We are seeing significant double-digit demand for hybrid, multi-cloud managed environments. Customers are increasingly keen to balance the speed and cost savings of the public cloud with the functionality and security of the private cloud. So much so, in fact, that we are opening a new Rackspace data center in Germany using VMware’ Cloud Foundation.

We’ve helped GoHenry reap the rewards of VMware’s private cloud. GoHenry is a UK FinTech company that helps parents educate their children in financial control using intelligent smartphone apps and specific types of cards to manage their money better. GoHenry’s leadership team wanted a flexible, scalable technology, but one that would keep its data secure. VMware ticked all of those boxes, but the company could not afford to devote the necessary time to managing its data centers itself. That’s where we stepped in with our Managed Private Cloud. Using Managed Virtualization from VMware, we gave GoHenry everything it needs to focus on its business while being confident its infrastructure is working properly. We take care of its entire cloud operation – from capacity to ad hoc requirements, leaving them to focus on their core business. Rackspace uses VMware technology to design, modify and upgrade applications so it always works efficiently and securely anywhere in the world. GoHenry was migrated by Rackspace in just a weekend, on time, on budget and with no disruption.

Business Made Simple

Rackspace helps customers move off-premise to the cloud, from VMware on premise to VMware cloud, and therefore preserve their capital investment in VMware technologies as well as adopt and integrated new features available in the VMware cloud environment. The deep collaboration between VMware and Rackspace helps us to propose innovative ideas to our customers without customers incurring retooling expenses, development risks, headcount, plus reducing security concerns. We help our customers gain real benefits from moving to the cloud without all the hassle, and ultimately that translates into faster project migration timescales. After the migration, customers ask us to continue to operate their different clouds for them because of our expertise, freeing up their time and resource to focus on their main core strategic areas. One of the great things about Rackspace is that we are more than just a 24/7 infrastructure ops team – our GSS consultancy team offer future strategy analysis and planning to help companies maximise their clouds. Our customers can enjoy all the benefits of the cloud, without worrying about the time and hassle of looking after them. Clients get access to customised hardware, plus a choice of management and control levels.

A pivotal role Rackspace provides customers is in helping reduce the complexity of their multi cloud environment. We can offer to manage it for them from one centralised system. But it’s not just the way we manage these cloud environments that sets up apart, it’s the ability to manage the many complex tools and applications that run on top of them as well.

Customers choose VMware as platform of choice – whether private or public – as the technology has evolved to such an extent that customers can consume cloud in a seamless way and move in a real dynamic way. Whether it is for extra bursting capacity or as a DevOps environment.

Partnering for Success

As part of VMware’s global vCloud Air Network (vCAN), Rackspace is a strategic global VCAN partner – the silver lining to VMware’s Cross-Cloud vision – for all companies to have the ability to run applications across clouds and devices in a common operating environment. vCAN is the ideal way to develop, promote and sell hosted services such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), Backup and Replication-as-a-Service, Storage as a Service, and various other cloud services.

VMware has always led the industry in terms of R&D investment into cloud technologies, security and digital innovation. Rackspace have been providing a VMware-based managed cloud on a global scale for over a decade and add our passion to deliver an exceptional support and end user experience up and down the entire stack.  It’s really resonating with customers – the business has grown rapidly for us.

We want to be ready to be called upon when enterprises are ready to take the next step in their cloud journey – and that means a strong partnership between Rackspace and VMware. It’s a VMware Cross-Cloud, but every Cross-Cloud needs someone to bring it to fruition – and that’s where we’re VMware’s silver lining.


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