A recipe for success

September 28, 2014

Ferran Adria is probably the best-known cook in the world, and his restaurant el Bulli enjoys a legendary status, even three years after closing its doors with Adria considered a creative genius in the world of gastronomy. 

One of Adria’s principles in the kitchen is ‚making the most of every morsel of food’, sounds familiar doesn’t it? This principle is the basis of VMware as well: making the most of all the available resources, using virtualization as the ultimate ingredient.

So what would Ferran Adria’s recipe for success be if he worked for VMware? It would probably sound a bit like this:

Take your available ingredients – your existing infrastructure, which is – and think of what you want to serve your customers.

Now comes the most important part: use your creativity to make the best use of the existing instruments and ingredients, and don’t let anything (server processing power, storage capacity) go to waste.

Add a delicious VMware sauce to the meal and you are ready to treat your customers the most delicious experience they’ve ever had.”

Just like the most exclusive Michelin star restaurants, you need to reserve your place at VMworld. You can do this, and also see what’s on our menu for the event, right here: http://www.vmworld.com/registration.jspa !

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