Looking at enterprise social collaboration with Philips

April 7, 2014
Looking at enterprise social collaboration with Philips

Enterprise social collaboration is a hot topic right now, with many businesses are looking at how they can benefit sertraline online. VMware recently conducted a large scale project with consumer electronics giant Philips, and we caught up with VMware’s Martin Blackmore, EMEA director of sales, to find out more about the project.

What were the business issues that Phillips was facing before it started working with VMware?

As a world leader in healthcare and consumer lifestyle technology, Philips has over 120,000 staff, spread throughout the globe in more than 60 countries. In order to improve collaboration and productivity within the company, Philips was looking for a way to bring its staff closer together, no matter where they are located. Its goal was to use collaboration tools to allow its staff to operate like a small, nimble team of interdependent workers driven by shared goals.

Why did Phillips choose VMware’s Socialcast?

To build these closer working relationships within the company, Philips’ Corporate Communications team and internal IT department began assessing the company’s needs to establish the right enterprise collaboration platform for it. After investigating three options, our Socialcast offering became the clear leader as it offered the best overall experience and team, as well as a product that could support a high level of customization. Phillips was particularly impressed with Socialcast’s ability to generate real-time feedback from its employees, add social capabilities to business applications, as well as its built-in Social Business Intelligence Tool for analysing employee activity on Socialcast.

What has Socialcast allowed Philips to do?

Socialcast has helped unlock massive benefits for Philips. It has removed the boundaries imposed by locations and time zones, and as a result teams have begun operating with improved efficiency, able to get questions answered, issues addressed, and problems solved without delay. It’s also made it easier for employees to instantly share data stored in a range of business applications, helping to boost efficiency and collaboration. In addition, Socialcast’s built-in analytics tools mean that Philips can get a real-time snapshot of what’s happening in the company, allowing it to monitor trending topics or people.

How successful has the project been?

The Socialcast implementation within Philips has been hugely successful, highlighting how useful social collaboration tools can be for large organisation. Within two months of Socialcast being made available, 7000 employees were using it, and now over 37,000 are taking advantage of the features it offers. And with closer integration of Socialcast in other IT systems, Philips is expecting to drive adoption even further.

Visit the VMware website for more information on Socialcast and how it can support collaboration within your business.

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