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Highlights from Mobile World Congress, 2015 (Part 2) on Storify

“By 2020, half the population will be connected …

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EUC: Trends to Watch and Ways VMware Partners are Making IT History

Sixty to seventy years ago it was the mainframe and …

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Brian Gammage: How can businesses make the most of the BYOD trend?

Our recent Mobile Rebels research highlighted that interest in BYOD …

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What do mobile rebels mean for your business?

Following our recent study into covert clouds in the workplace, we’ve …

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Are you a Mobile Rebel? Find out with our Mobile Rebel calculator


As you may have seen on the blog, we’ve recently …

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Q&A with Jason Hill – Implementing a BYOD policy

Managing an IT policy based around employees using their own …

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Delivering end-user computing for the Post-PC era

As we’ve said before, the Post-PC era is here. We’ve been …

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Mobile Rebels – infographic

VMware empowers the IT department to deliver true workforce mobility

The Post-PC era is changing the way that people work, …

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Q&A with VMware’s Boaz Chalamish – Exploring the challenges of End User Computing

End User Computing (EUC) challenges in the workplace – an …

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