Bringing Business Mobility to the Mainstream

May 26, 2016
Bringing Business Mobility to the Mainstream

Guest blog by Wim Van Balen, managing partner, Raido

About a month ago, we were invited to the VMware Partner Leadership Summit in Arizona. The guests were acknowledged in 17 regional categories for their excellence in performance and distinctive achievements during 2015. When we heard we had won the EMEA (European, Middle East and Africa) Mobility Award, we were of course very proud.

Business Mobility: It’s Now or Never

It is hugely important to invest in your company’s business mobility strategy. The lines between our work lives and our private lives are no longer separate entities and much of this is down to employee demands for flexibility. Investment in mobility is crucial, allowing staff to work on the move. Being able to end your session in the office, travelling home in time to eat dinner with family, and then later in the evening being able to pick up exactly where you left off have helped provide organisations with the best of all worlds. And in order to achieve this culture-shift, VMware’s ‘One cloud, any application, any device’ approach is fundamental.

Our experience has taught us that many companies are not aware of the added value that business mobility can offer. Many are reluctant to invest, believing the strategy will not work for their set up. For example, companies may hesitate if they rely heavily on graphical software or if they feel employees do not leave the office often enough to make it worthwhile.

Perceived cost can also be a turnoff, as businesses assume that it is an unnecessary expense because they ‘have everything under control’ – though this is often not the case. In reality, business mobility strategies can crucial in simplifying and reducing costs on matters related to maintenance. Moreover, adding end-user usability to allow employees to work, regardless of location, can help increase productivity, adding to the bottom line.

Meanwhile, many companies that are willing to invest may lack the required resources or in-house expertise to make a true success of their implementation.

And, last but not least, it contributes to a secure enterprise, a cause Raido believes in very strongly. By moving control to a central data centre, companies can achieve a secure digital workspace.

Worthy Winners

The award means a great deal to our organisation. We have invested heavily in adding to both our understanding of business mobility as well as the specific product stack that can help achieve a business’ desired outcomes. This commitment has been ably demonstrated by the Raido Flight Case Program. Known as Task Flow, we developed a framework designed to help set up the Digital Workplace within our customers’ offices.

With this program, you can test drive the Digital Workplace at your own company at a fraction of the project’s costs. That way, you can make the right decision. After testing this, you can invest with confidence so you can help your business grow.

Staying on Top

We were founded with business mobility at our core. We believe it is the key to staying competitive in any market, elevating organisations above their competitors and allowing them to deliver the highest quality customer engagement.

With VMware, we have extended our expertise – offering the strongest possible portfolio of products and services to bring business mobility to as wide a range of customers as possible across Belgium – including the CHU hospital, NMBS and BNP Paribas.

For more information, visit the Raido website here.

About Raido

Raido (part of the SecureLink Group) specializes in virtualization and is based in Wommelgem, Belgium. We are a trusted advisor for our customers and provide them with innovative virtualization solutions that bring a strategic advantage and cost reduction. As Cloud Constructors, we use building blocks from carefully selected vendors. We offer high-end consultancy project management, implementation, training and technical support.

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