Have you seen the vCloud Dare? vCloud Air visits Mount Kilimanjaro

July 14, 2015
Have you seen the vCloud Dare? vCloud Air visits Mount Kilimanjaro

No, this isn’t a holiday picture of our last vacation.

“Hybrid cloud is all about breaking down barriers and doing things that you just didn’t think were possible.”

Richard Munro, CTO vCloud Air EMEA

Our hybrid cloud solution, vCloud Air, which was recently crowned the Best Cloud Computing Product at the Tech Hero Awards 2015 (The Inquirer, UK), gives IT departments the flexibility to expand their IT environments at the click of a button, allowing them to support wider business goals. This makes it possible to easily migrate corporate workloads back and forth in the public cloud with ease, and no matter where you are.

But how can we prove this to you? 

To show how vCloud Air can be used by anyone, anywhere, our CTO vCloud Air EMEA, Richard Munro, had a crazy idea… what if he climbed to one of the most extreme environments in the world, and demonstrated that it is possible to quickly and seamlessly provision the cloud using vCloud Air even from there?

Only then did he realise what he had let himself in for. In order to provision the cloud from Mount Kilimanjaro he would have to scale new heights, on a personal as well as a technological level. Nothing like this had ever been done before. But then again, hybrid cloud is all about breaking down barriers.

So, take a look below to view Richard’s incredible journey to the cloud, during which he climbed to 5,895m and raised over $250,000 dollars for charity!

Following on with this theme we have also launched a challenge to our users – vCloud Anywhere. Just send us a picture or video to show how easy it is to create an enterprise class cloud from anywhere – more information on the vCloud Anywhere microsite.

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