Econocom-Centix: ” The partnership with VMware has helped us ride the virtualization wave of the past 10 year.”

January 8, 2015
Econocom-Centix: ” The partnership with VMware has helped us ride the virtualization wave of the past 10 year.”

Ten years ago VMware opened an office in Benelux. During the past years VMware’s partner network has grown considerably. One of them is Econocom-Centix. “At Econocom and Centix we fondly look back at our long standing partnership with VMware. It has helped us ride the virtualization wave of the past 10 year” says Erik De Nert, Competence Center Manager at Econocom-Centix, in this blog.

As an integrator it is important to be able to convince clients with a strong message. But it is also important that our own consultants believe in the solution and have confidence in its development and implementation. Qualitative, stable solutions and a good technical and commercial collaboration have always been the keys to a successful partnership.

Impact of server virtualisation
The past 10 years server virtualization has evolved from a solution for non-critical environments, to the standard for the deployment of new servers. There are very few clients where this is not the case. The virtualization software has also resulted in a strong centralization and consolidation of the infrastructure. It has changed the entire infrastructure landscape: eliminating infrastructure silos, more efficient use of hardware resources, VDI… to name just a few.

Not to mention the effect on minimising downtime and the protection of company critical data. Virtualization makes Disaster Recovery and High Availability much easier and strongly reduces the number of planned downtimes. Take, for instance, the live migrations of servers and storage to other hardware, something we all did at the very beginning with apprehension and which is now indispensable in the management of an IT infrastructure.

And thanks to VMware’s open APIs, an entire ecosystem of solutions has been created around server and desktop virtualization which contributed to boosting the market.

Software Defined Enterprise
Nowadays we see that VMware has a clear vision on Software Defined Enterprise, the ‘next step’ after server virtualization. With innovations in the field of storage virtualization (vSAN, vVOL), network virtualization (NSX) and real-time application delivery (AppVolumes) the last barriers are coming down. Again, thanks to VMware’s pioneering spirit the entire ecosystem has followed in its wake. For an integrator such as Econocom-Centix this is very important: with these solutions, we can make the IT-environments of our clients futureproof.

Hybrid cloud-strategy
In the coming years more IT environments will entirely or (for the most part) partly run on a cloud-platform. The current software-defined approach means that in the future we will have more possibilities to purchase resources and software outside our own data centre and new applications will be more cloud-native. Controlling this architecture will be quite a challenge for organisations. VMware’s hybrid cloud-strategy responds to this and allows solutions that make this possible in a manageable, secure and cost efficient way.

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