Never a dull moment

October 14, 2014
Never a dull moment

15 Years of VMware, 10 Years of VMware BeLux (part 2)
In the previous part (Too good to be true), we looked back at the past. Now , with all the news from VMworld Europe going on, we look towards the future. Again with Kurt Vrancken who started for VMware early 2005, just a few months after the launch of the Belux office end 2004. He was one of the earliest VMware Belux employees.

We can be proud of what we have achieved these past ten years. But VMware has not reached its final destination, far from. Even if every organization worldwide would have virtualized all of their servers, VMware could still play an important role. What we have achieved with server virtualization, can be achieved for your network and storage infrastructure as well: virtualize the entire environment in order to maximize the utilization of the available resources.
It would help, of course, if customers looked back at the previous years as well, and realized how much they have saved during the past years thanks to server virtualization. Because if they do, and if they understand that the same sort of savings can be achieved for their storage and network environment, they will probably consider virtualizing these environments straightaway.

Mobility is a ‚must’
VMware can also help companies cope with the increasing trend towards mobility and BYOD. “Any information on any device, anytime and anyplace”, every service department around the globe has to deal with this inevitable trend. Organizations must completely rethink their way of work. Yesterday’s silos must disappear, departments must start collaborating. And internal service requests must be processed as quickly as possible. If an IT manager gets a request to implement a new (preferably mobile) solution, he is expected to deal with this very flexibly. The most recurring words within every IT department are: ‘virtualize, automate and speed/flexibility’. VMware has everything an IT manager needs to deal with these challenges.

Thanks to our partners
At the very beginning, we thought we would be able to do everything ourselves. But we learned very soon how important a worldwide network of partners is. Our partners have been important from the start, and their importance has increased over the years. Initially our partners only consisted of hardware resellers, but the number of partnerships with total solution providers has gradually increased. Virtualization has become a vital component of the total solution, much more than just a layer of technology on top of the existing infrastructure.
To put it differently: together with our partners we increasingly build solutions for your business needs instead of just a technology to help you work cheaper and more efficiently. Expect VMware to show up more often in industry-specific solutions, with virtualization as a vital component of the total solution.

Strategic player in a fast-changing market
In the years to come, we can expect many more changes in the IT landscape. We are evolving towards an IT infrastructure that become s completely transparant for the end user. End users shouldn’t have to wonder anymore: ‚How does this work, actually?’ Instead they should be able to assume that IT is always available, wherever and whenever they want to acces it. Which means that datacenters will be designed following the design principles for today’s luxury cars: before you actually start, the car asks you how you want to drive today (does energy-efficiency matter most, or speed, responsiveness, …) and it adapts all settings accordingly. This should be feasible for your applications as well: before you start using them, you can decide how you want to ‚drive’: priority mode, background processing, super-speedy, …

Server virtualization is just one component of the entire picture: without optimization of the network, storage and other components, the vision we described above will never be realized. To continue the analogy of the car: you cannot simply adjust the settings of the engine without taking the suspension of the car into account. Unless you tune all components to an optimal collaboration, you will never get a totally optimized solution. And in this process, VMware still has an important role to play for years to come.

Open working environment
Coming to VMware was probably the best move in my entire career. The quality of our products, a visionary CEO, the excellent execution and the focused approach contribute to VMware’s uniqueness as a company. Never in my career have I encountered a company that comes even close to VMware. It is one of the most innovative players in the IT infrastructure market. And VMware NSX, the netwerk virtualization and security platform for the software defined data center, again puts VMware ahead of the curve. The future looks very bright indeed.

And do not underestimate the force of our 25-strong Belux team. We have a great group that achieves fantastic results in a pleasant working atmosphere. No silos here, everyone tries to help one another wherever we can, in a very open working environment.
I have turned fifty, an age category that leads to a midlife crisis for some. But I simply have no time for a midlife crisis. Never a dull moment at VMware!



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