VMware in Barcelona: The art of performance

October 9, 2014
VMware in Barcelona: The art of performance

When arriving at the airport of Barcelona, you immediately can discover one of the greatest artists that is traditionally associated with Barcelona: Joan Miro. This painter, sculptor and graphic artist is considered to be one of the driving forces of the surrealist movement in the first half of the 20th century. He has earned international acclaim and has been an inspiration to many other world-renowned artists such as Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko.

Art of the essential
If Joan Miro were still alive today, he would feel closely related to VMware. Why, you may think? Because VMware is a surreal company? Far from, but Miro was more than a surrealist as well. His works of art were influenced by his unique way of looking at reality, and his unique gift of distilling the simple essence out of a complex reality. That’s exactly what VMware has become famous for as well: we have looked at the complexity of the entire ICT environment and managed to create a stunningly beautiful result that gets rid of all this complexity.

First interpretation of the Cloud? 
We at VMware would have loved to share our common beliefs and visions with Joan Miro. We could easily imagine inviting him to a round table or debate on topics such as: „Real, surreal, and virtual: what’s the difference and how do they relate?”, „Art and VMware: forces that tie people and environments together.” And we would definitely congratulate him on his visionary art: even in 1973 he could already see the ‚cloud’ as a presence that can by no means be ignored 😉

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