VMworld: A new era in architecture ?

October 7, 2014
VMworld: A new era in architecture ?

No single person has been as important for Barcelona as Antonio Gaudi. The creations of this architect who died almost a century ago still define the Barcelona landscape more than any other building. His masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia cathedral, can be admired from almost any corner of the city. And his renowned Park Guell is a unique blend of artistic excellence and natural beauty.

What if Antonio Gaudi had lived today?
If Antonio Gaudi had lived nowadays, it is not unlikely that he would have been involved with a company such as VMware. Consider this: no other architect has become as famous as Gaudi by combining materials that were never used together and creating a modern object of rare beauty with these components. As it happens, VMware has also become very famous by combining very heterogeneous environments into one modern environment, which we consider to be very beautiful as well.

It would have been a pleasure to have the architect Antonio Gaudi inspire our VMware team. We can almost hear him become lyric about the similarities between his vision on architecture and VMware’s vision on ICT architecture. „Never be afraid to abandon the traditional views on architecture. Use the existing materials in such a way that a new level of excellence is reached. Be visionary, creating an entirely new era in (software) architecture but also be a perfectionist, paying attention to details.” Forgive us for saying so, but sometimes we have the feeling that Gaudi is still virtually among us.

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