VMware & Pep Guardiola: It’s both about strategy

September 29, 2014
VMware & Pep Guardiola: It’s both about strategy

Pep Guardiola, at the age of 43, has already become a legend. During his tenure as a football coach for Barcelona, his team won the Spanish Championship three times and the UEFA Champions League twice. Since he joined Bayern München, this German team has played more attractive football than ever. With Bayern München he even won the treble in 2013: German Champion, DFB-Pokal Cup Winner and Winner of the UEFA Champions League.

What if Pep Guardiola hadn’t become a football legend?
Well, he would probably have worked at an international technological innovator such as VMware. Do you think that’s a crazy idea? Think again: Guardiola has a vision of football in which all elements are perfectly interconnected and optimized for one another, resulting in a fast, smooth and visually attractive performance on the field. Quite similar to VMware’s vision on the ideal ICT-architecture: perfectly integrated, optimized and leading to breathtaking performances.

So what would Pep Guardiola’s strategy be if he worked for VMware as a consultant?
It would probably sound a bit like this: „Make sure your defense – your security layer – does not let any attack pass by. Have your midfield – your ICT architecture – use the available space and capacity as much as possible. And your creative talent – your personnel – will feel secure and empowered enough to make the difference, to score and to go for the win.”

Game on!
Just like the best football coach in the world, you need to make sure your team will be victorious. You can do this by attending VMworld Europe, and this way optimize your strategy: http://www.vmworld.com/registration.jspa !

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